Friends 'Til the End


The epic adventure of a boy and his toy helicopter


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Friends 'Til the End is a platformer born of the following idea: 'You play a boy whose remote control helicopter is alive and your friend, then you discover a nuclear missile inside it.'

This absurd premise hides a game where you are constantly controlling a boy and his helicopter simultaneously. On the one hand, you'll have to walk and jump over holes in the ground with the boy while on the other you fly the helicopter, dodging all the buildings.

This gameplay demands very skilled and consistent coordination from you, since if the boy gets too far away from his helicopter the intensity of the remote control signal will become weaker and it'll start to fall ... causing a nuclear explosion that will destroy the entire city and, obviously, kill the boy.

Friends 'Til the End is a very entertaining and curious indie game that, even if it doesn't last long (it's very short), does let you experience something different.
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